Trusted and Proven

A Team of Experts

World-class professionals whose overlapping core skill sets across the readiness framework make us the right independent team by design.

Jim Zukin

Chairman and CEO

Matthew T. McGuire, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Rajit Malhotra

Senior Managing Director

Tim Maness, CPA

Chief Accountant

Ari Schottenstein

Managing Director

Joseph Chang

Managing Director

Jacob Salk

Managing Director

Tom Waldman

General Counsel

Sally Choi


Ron Diamond

Senior Advisory Director
Rapid Sequencing

How We Work

Our goal is to efficiently assess the elements of readiness while minimizing the administrative burden on the sponsor and target.
We accomplish this by working in parallel with legal, accounting, and fairness opinion providers, receiving information relevant to our oversight role that those providers are preparing for other purposes. It’s what we call our rapid-sequencing system, and it’s at the heart of every successful readiness certification.
Our client is the sponsor’s Board of Directors, and our retention is mandated or agreed to by the Audit Committee, as well as outside advisors.

When to Hire Us

After the sponsor files the S-1, readiness planning begins. We can be brought in at any time thereafter. When the sponsor has narrowed its definitive list of targets, we need to be brought in.